Mini Simmons surfboard 5'4
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Mini Simmons Surfboard – 5’4


With a tip of the hat to Bob Simmons – the Mini Simmons is a timeless classic.  We predict this ride will grace everybody’s quiver because its without doubt a ground breaking stack of fun and a ride you won’t experience from any other board. Hugh Thompson’s version of the Mini-Simmons is a twin keeled planing hull that is guaranteed to excite any surfer with the desire to ride short, full volume surfboards. Wearing retro-style colours and a high-polish finish, the Mini-Simmons is a keeper.

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Mini Simmons surfboard

5’4 x 21 1/4 x 2 3/4

The Mini Simmons surfboard hails from back in the 50’s by Bob Simmons, an aeronautical engineer, long time surfer and the guy behind the planning hull idea. The design is based on a very low rocker with a very wide template throughout the nose running to the tail. There is a horse shoe concave under the front foot, right to the tail making this board very fast and loose. The tail has a nice wide profile for ease of catching waves and putting lots of float under your feet.

The Mini Simmons is all about the planning hull i.e. the more air you get between the board and the water the faster and looser you will surf. Having the horse shoe concave under the front foot acts as an accelerator from this planning hull theory…you can step on the gas so to speak.  On modern short boards you have to pump and drive to gather speed and the short board is thin and minimized for max performance… Enter the Mini Simmons for something different and something that blows all that out the water, (pardon the pun). The Mini Simmons is fast, fun and full of energy – its a must for your quiver and if your local break is in the ankle to head high surf that is not always ‘On’…is often slopey and/or mushy, then this board fits straight into your collection for a very fun ride! Its pretty much all you’ll surf on those what to do days!

High polish finish

Twin / Keel fins setup with one tab boxes (futures)

Almond color nose and one color spray.

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