Pocket Rocket Surfboard 5'5
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Pocket Rocket Surfboard – 5’5


The Pocket rocket lives up to its name and isn’t frightened of any conditions. Its a really versatile surfboard in most conditions, but where this board fly’s is on the days when the ocean has a wobble or a cough. This board loves the guff conditions as much as the clean and punchy days.  The Pocket Rocket has a crazy amount of volume hidden into it and rides like a high performance surfboard so surprising yourself with this board is a common trait. You’ll be doing stuff you never thought you’d do.

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Pocket Rocket Surfboard

5’5 x 20 5/8 x 2 3/4

If you want a board that will perform in mushy or less power full conditions or give you just as much confidence on the good days…and that would suit any level of performance mainly aimed at having maximum fun, get a Pocket Rocket. This board will suit any level of surfer (not beginner) wanting to ride something a bit shorter without the high end performance factor. The better you get, the more fun you will squeeze out of this board. The wide and floaty body is amazing for holding and generating speed on the rail and beating those flat sections. The huge V in the tail and fins set out on the rail is perfect for generating speed from mush. The wide diamond tail helps catch waves and offers a bunch of stability in the turn. The five fin set up allows you to ride either, thruster, quad or five fin…your call on the day. Flat sections and foam sections will fast become as much fun as punchy or round sections. This board is super compact considering its really high volume, thus easier to paddle and super easy to duck dive. The last thing to point out is… get one!

Matt polished finish

Five finsetup – two tab plugs – (FCS)

Almond color nose and body, with solid color tail spray and second color bands


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