The Tiller fins
Jack Browne

The Tiller fin


Go on, try it…keeps you high on the wave, fast and loose….but not if you surf near Kelp!

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This is different!! The Tiller fin represents a very radical outline for a fin, with the pronounced bulb on the leading edge. The bulb moves some of the tip area further forward on the fin, this has the effect of moving the center of effort of the fin forward, which impacts the flex characteristics of the fin. Secondly, the bulb enhances the “steering” ability of the fin, as the fin flexes the bulb rotates off axis effectively increasing the toe-in of the fin causing it to turn more tightly.
This fin is commonly used as a side bite and occasionally as a thruster set. Not recommended for use anywhere that has kelp!

Includes a fin pouch and fin key.

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